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My Automotive Projects, Research, Calculators/Spreadsheets/Programs & Information

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Fuel Science Page  (NEW!)

Documentation on my calculations, simulations & experiments w/ various fuel additives.


Project Screwed - Twin-screw Supercharged 3.0L V6 Project Page (NEW!)

Spring is here & I'm ready to build another guinea pig for my engine management system development/tinkering.  This time it's supercharged.  I've never been a believer in stealing crankshaft hp to beat heat into the intake charge, but I'm gonna try this out.  I'm doing it my way though... 


Chris' Engine Calculator Spreadsheet rev 2 (copyright 2002) 

Excel Spreadsheet that quickly calculates things like compression ratio, fuel & air flow, hp/torque estimates etc.  Since this is an on-going project not everything works perfectly... but the basics are correct.


Quantization error due to a period capturing RPM algorithm calculator - rev 1 (copyright 2002)

Spreadsheet that attempts to quantify the error associated with measuring the rpm of an engine w/ a toothed wheel and period capturing algorithm.  I don't know who in the world would care to leverage the work I did... but I post it the same.


My Automotive Library

It's lame... but I tend to spend more time reading about crazy modifications than actually working on my cars.  Here are some of the titles that I've found compelling/interesting for one reason or another.  


Design & Tuning of Competition Engines - Morrison & Smith

This book has to be a classic... originally written in the 60's and revised in the 80's, it spans the golden age of motorsports engine development.  The authors start with a review of the thermodynamic & physics laws that govern the operation of engines and then jump straight into practical applications.  This book covers the aspects of engine balance & cylinder number/layout better than any other book I've read.  The last 1/3 of the book is devoted to case studies on the most successful competition engines of the modern era (Cosworth, Jag, Datsun, American V8,  etc). 


The Internal-Combustion Engine in Theory & Practice Vols I & II.  Taylor, Charles F.

These books are extremely expensive (I paid $150 for the set), but... ... wow.  Geared for the people that actually design engines for a living, there's way more information than any amateur engine tinker could ever use.  The volumes are logically divided into theory & practice with 66% of the information in the 2nd volume.  The theory volume is thick... thick reading that is.  Still, I found the chapters on detonation, friction, performance, & power estimation most useful.  Taylor goes further into subjects like oil viscosity than the other books I have. 


How to Hodrod & Race Your Datsun.  Waar, Bob.

Ah, the essential text for any Datsun nut.  Referred to as "The Bible" in the 510 community, this book covers virtually every aspect of modifying a Datsun 510 or 240Z for street performance or track competition.  There are two editions of this book.  The first has a more complete section on cams & general valve-train setup written by "Racer Brown" (cam profile designer from the 70's).  The second addition trims down the valvetrain section, but adds information on the L18/L20B/L28 engines since they weren't available for the first edition.  I'd say buy both... but the first editions are nearly impossible to find.


Design of Racing & High Performance Engines.  ed Harralson, Joseph - SAE Press

Interesting compilation of the classic motorsports specific SAE papers published between ~1960 & 1990.  This book contains ~20 papers that discuss the development of engines such as Honda's 1.5L 800hp V6 F1 motor & the Ford 427 OHC engine.  This book should praised for it's entertainment value & gee-whiz factor, but unless you spend all day developing race engines, you won't gain much.  Nearly all of the papers discuss the methods and results the authors used to research/design their engines, but there's not much information that can be used by the amateur.  Expensive book... $45 if I remember right.


Fuel Injection - Installation, Performance Tuning, Modifications.  Hartman, Jeff

Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management.  Probst, Charles O.

Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners & Plumbing.  Smith, Carroll.

Engineer To Win.  Smith, Carroll.

Tune To Win, Smith, Carroll.


How To Air Condition Your Car.  Remus & Chisenhall.


Advanced Engineering Mathematics.  Kovach, Ladis D.

I don't know why... but this $15 text that I bought used at Powell's has become my best friend.  I can hardly recommend this text to anyone that want to learn anything from it though.  I use it a handbook & reminder for the stuff I allegedly learned in college.  It covers everything from differential equations & fourier transforms to Green's functions & moments.  There's also a section that directly discusses Maxwell's equations which is why I bought the book in the first place.  Again, don't expect to learn anything from this text... it's a great resource to have handy. 




Other Automotive Technology Resources - Links & Local Mirrors

Note: All of these links are to external sites or to local mirrors of external sites.  In either case, the material is not mine and I cannot vouch for the accuracy.  I've collected or linked these pages because I deem them to be good information, but all credits/copyrights remain property of the original authors.   

If you are an author of the any of the material I've mirrored or copied & you would like me to cease hosting it, please send me an email (chrisv@<NO!SPAM!> and remove it promptly..


Additional Automotive Calculator/Math Resources - forced induction calculators - Bruce Bowling & Al Grippo's (diy-efi guys) famous automotive calc site.


Engine Design & Building

Engine Bore Refinishing & Break-in info from Hastings (local mirror)


Thermodynamics & Combustion Related Resources

    Gasoline FAQ (GASFAQ)  - Local mirror of the somewhat famous and extremely informative gasoline FAQ.



Turbocharging, Supercharging, & Other Forced Induction Resource

    Disscusion on Turbocharger Theory & Sizing - Mike Kojima (local mirror)

    Autorotor Lysholm Compressor Page  - local mirror of a swedish screw supercharger technical data

    Eaton Supercharger Specs (local mirror)

    Turbodyne specs - TurboPac 1500, TurboPac 2500 (local mirror)



Parts, Services, Etc

    Automotive Vendor List - A random listing of many automotive & racing parts suppliers and services.



High Performance Links!


Forced Induction Links - Aussie manufacturer of the "Sprintex" Lysholm supercharger / - Swedish Manufacturer of Autorotor brand Lysholm (screw) compressors - Lysholm compressors - same, official version


Electronic Engine Management & Drivetrain Control Links

    click HERE for my EFI page! - Bowling/Grippo "Megasquirt" DIY EFI system - home of efi332, diy-efi, & gm_ecm projects and mailing lists


Chassis and Suspension Design Links

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