Site Updates:

5/18/2003 - Updated Project Screwed page & added event pictures from BADASS 5-10 day cruise.

4/7/2003 - Added report from '03 Dyno Day #1 to VG30 tech section.

4/1/2003 - Added new scripts. Major pages have independent counters based on same script now.  Contact me for the code ($5).

3/31//2003 - Added pictures & information to my latest project... installing a VG30 in my blue 2dr 510.

2/9/2003 - Added link to Thumper Racing, home of ace fabricator & VG30 kit designer Jeff Klein.  

2/4/2003 - Updated my 240Z-T page w/ pictures of the catastrophic head-gasket failure from last summer.

2/3/2003 - Updated my blue 2dr 510 page & put the VQ30DET project on the back burner (can't locate an engine).

1/14/2003 - Updated my Nissan/Datsun Tech Page... some useful information.


Cars contains pictures and information on both my past & present cars as well as a couple other peoples cars.

Media contains pictures, sounds, & movies of various Datsuns that are unique or interesting in some way.

Tech contains technical information related to Datsuns that I've collected and compiled over the years.  This section also features a couple discussions that I have authored over the years on various technical subjects related to Datsuns or automotive engineering/science in general.

Events is simply a repository for pictures & movies of various Datsun related events.