Engine:  Fuel Injected Nissan Hybrid L-20B - Z-22 (L-22)

    Block/Head: L-20B, custom Broos G. ported and flowed head (odd 210 w/ reworked 412cc peanut chambers)

    Crankshaft/Rods/Pistons: Z-22, fully balanced

    Cam: custom Delong grind - 280/0.520", modified Z spray bar

    Valves: Nissan Comp SS, undercut stem. 44mm intake, 35mm exhaust.

    Springs: Norris performance valve springs

    Oiling System: Nissan Comp spring and spacer, remote Oberg oil filter / cooler.

    Compression Ratio: 10.5 : 1


    Exhaust: 2.25" w/ glass pack & Sebring stainless muffler

    Cooling System: stock water pump, Dodge Omni radiator, 10" SPAL electric fan, 185F thermostat



       161 RWHP  (~200 crank HP) 100LL & full ignition advance, measured w/ G-Tech

       142 RWHP (~180 crank HP) 92 oct pump gas, ignition retarded 7 degrees, also w/ G-Tech

       125 RWHP @ 5600rpm on DynoJet inertial dyno with unbalanced throttle bodies & retarded ignition (knock sensor configured overly sensitive)

                Click here for a video... and here's a scan of the dyno-sheet.



Fuel Injection/Ignition:

    Electromotive TEC-I Speed-Density EFI system with integrated DIS ignition

    Dual TWM 48mm DCOE throttle bodies, Lucas 36 lb/hr injectors, custom air box with cold air intake

    Magnecor 8.5mm Ignition Wires, Bosch Fuel Pump


    Transmission: Nissan Comp Close-Ratio w/ 0.75 OD

    Flywheel: Tilton 10lb Al flywheel    

    Clutch: Nissan Roadster 860kg, 200mm

    Driveshaft: stock 510, shortened

    Differential: 3.70:1 R160 Salisbury LSD


    Front: 280ZX calipers/rotors w/ Porterfield R4S pads

    Rear: 200SX calipers/rotors, calipers bored for larger pistons

    Master : 280ZX, 15/16"



280ZX struts w/ KYB 4-way inserts, coil-over kit w/ 175 lb springs

modified front x-member (pivots relocated ~1" up & in)

custom heim-joint front control arms

CarSan TC bushing 

ST front sway bar

adjustable toe, camber, & caster


Carrera coil-overs, w/ 3-way Carrera shocks, 145 lb springs

modified rear x-member w/ fully adjustable toe/camber

heim jointed rear swing arm pivots

ST rear bar w/ heim jointed end links

custom rear strut bar & reinforced rear upper shock mount



    240Z seats & stock rear sear re-upolstered in two tone cloth/vinyl

    stock speedo, factory tach


    Autometer water temp, oil pressure & voltmeter

    custom EGT gauge & O2 sensor monitor

    Kenwood CD player, two 4"x6"s and 2 5" Sonys, 150W amp & Bazooka tube

    Radio Shack 40 channel CB w/ standard issue MOFO antenna

Mt Shasta 2000 - Thunderhill Track Day

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