Ooooh... so neat & clean. 

It's done...

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Engine bay after all the 4cyl stuff was stripped. Plenum after "trimming" EGR, fast idle, & other non-essential stuff.  Engine mount detail.  Note how low engine sits.  The pan is <1/2" from the x-member. Trans x-member & oil pan detail.


I go through PlastiKote "GM Low-Gloss Black" like nothing else.  I even use it to paint stuff around the house. Did I mention wiring is my favorite part?  Here is the harness after trimming & before taping. Note how far back engine can sit with the EGR and misc plumbing removed.  Also visible is the remote oil filter (un-mounted).


Here you can see where the cold start valve was relocated (behind the TB).  Ok... so the ECU mounting & wiring still needs some attention, but the rest of the car is more or less "done".



The ingredients: 

    (1) busted 200SX parts engine, ECU, harness & tranny.  

    (1) Low-mile '88 300ZX VG30 - completely rebuilt .

    (1) Thump Racing VG30 conversion kit, exhaust, & countless trick parts & tweaks.

    (4) Weeks of evenings building, cleaning, painting, fabricating, wiring, & cursing. 

    Lots of trick parts & ease of maintenance tweaks. 


Big thanks goes to Jeff Klein of Thumper Racing for proving an awesome kit & countless custom parts.

Engine:  Rebuilt 1988 Nissan VG30.  Stock internal dimensions.


Shiny bores. Heads after rebuilding.  Note how clean the rockers were on this engine. Same short-block with my neglected turbo Z in the background.  (1) Short block + (1) long Saturday =  (1) fresh VG30 for my 510.



    Pump: New VG30 pump, relief valve shimmed to 85psi (extra 15psi is for full flow oil filter & lines) .

    Filter:  Canton-Mecca remote 8-micron w/ replaceable element - full flow design (no by-pass!).  

    Misc:   Plugged block by-pass w/ Oberg spin-on remote adapter, custom filter mount & Earl's -8 braided lines.


Horsepower:   Est ~175 @ crank / ~140 @ wheels... ...  for now ;^).

                            See my VG30 Tuning Page for the first dyno run.



Fuel Injection/Ignition: 

    ECU:  Stock Nissan 200SX ECU & ignition w/ EGR & idle-control functions disabled.

    MAF: Stock 200SX

    Wiring: 200SX V6 harness, shortened w/ all non-critical wires/connectors removed.

    Fuel Pump:  VW Jetta w/ integral surge tank.  >150 lbs/hr @ 40psi & 12.5V.

    Fuel Filter: Canton-Mecca 1-micron w/ replaceable element.



    Plenum: Stock 200SX manifold w/ EGR, idle-up, & water fittings removed.    

    Throttle Body: Stock VG30E (55mm)


Exhaust: Stock 200SX manifolds.  Thumper Racing custom system built w/ TIG'd mandrel U-bends.  

    Dimensions: 2" dia Y-pipe to 2.5" collector (behind trans x-member).  2.5" Sebring silencer.



    Transmission:  '87 200SX V6 5spd

    Clutch/Flywheel: Centerforce Dual-Friction, 240mm / stock VG30, resurfaced

    Driveshaft: shortened 2dr 510

    Diff: R160 Salisbury LSD, 3.90:1 ratio


Battery: Odyssey 925 - light (26lbs), compact, & extremely powerful (625CCA!)

    Mounted in recessed stainless box in trunk.  Another Thumper Racing exclusive!

Battery is approx 7"x7"x5" & weighs 26lbs. Battery is recessed into trunk floor in a stainless steel box. A clear plexiglass cover keeps unintended welding to a minimum. 


    Front: 280ZX calipers/rotors w/ Porterfield R4S pads

    Rear: 200SX calipers/rotors, calipers bored for larger pistons

    Master : 280ZX, 15/16"



280ZX struts w/ KYB 4-way inserts, coil-over kit w/ 2.5" 175 lb springs

modified front x-member (pivots relocated)

custom heim-joint front control arms

"CarSan" TC bushings

ST front sway bar w/ heim joint ends

adjustable toe, camber, & caster


Carrera coil-overs, w/ Carrera shocks, 2.5" 145 lb springs

modified rear x-member w/ fully adjustable toe/camber

ST rear bar w/ heim jointed end links

custom rear strut bar & reinforced rear upper shock mount



    240Z seats & stock rear sear re-upholstered in two tone cloth/vinyl    


    stock speedo, factory tach

    Autometer Sport-Comp 2 1/16" water temp, oil pressure & oil temp

    O2 sensor monitor

    Kenwood CD player, two 4"x6"s and 5" Sonys, 150W amp & Bazooka tube

    Radio Shack 40 channel CB w/ 36" HotStick antenna (removable)

Mt Shasta 2000 - Thunderhill Track Day

Photos: Unknown... I shamelessly stole these from someone's website.  Email me and I'll give you credit for them.

Misc Pictures

Photos: Gary Savage

ESCC AutoX - c. June 2000 

Photos: Kelvin Dietz

Future Plans:

Lots.  I intentionally picked the SOHC VG30 as it's more compact than the DOHC and there room for "other" stuff on the side.  More details to come...


Click here for specs on the car when it was still L22 powered.