Like many, I'm into old sports cars... mostly Datsuns, Porsches and most recently, wheelie-happy Triumph motorcycles. However, unlike most, I spend my time designing/building electronic systems for these old machines. I'm really enjoy taking control of a mechanical system with a couple actuators, some sensors & some heavy-duty DSP software.

While I started with high-performance engine management systems (fuel injection/ignition), I've since moved on to power control for electric vehicles. My latest project involves the design of a low-cost 3-phase inverter for a Porsche 944 that I'm converting to an EV. The specs are still in flux, but the I'm shooting for 75kW (100hp) and 400V... all of which will be available at zero rpm for some extreme off-the-line performance.

I do enjoy mind-share with anyone with similar interests so please don't hesitate to contact me.

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